Chevrolet Orlando – a new word in the seven-seater segment.

Chevrolet OrlandoThe new large family car built for friendly communication. mini-van functionality available in store initially says about how important it is to be with the closest people: whether it is a large and friendly family while traveling or just large groups of friends for a holiday picnic. The main thing is that they have enough space in one car. The model created be the designers are guided by the principle of economy and practicality for the future owner of Orlando, as these things are related to one order. That’s why as a result the customers were offered a nearly flawless car in all respects. With it, you can forget about compromises, because the new Chevrolet Orlando has proven that the family mini-van can be a great outside and inside the most versatile.

It is the owner of all necessary to date security systems, which makes it also very reliable. In its arsenal there are airbags, and window curtain airbags, and reinforced chassis and stability control.