What is an entry-level electric vehicle consists of, which is not difficult to build on garage “stocks”?

electric vehicleThe body of the car-donor with the steering, suspension, transmission and brakes, DC motor, aggregated with the standard manual transmission, the battery pack to the controller, the accelerator pedal, by which the controller receives a signal and a number of auxiliary units, which can’t even bring in construction immediately, but later – after the first trial trips, which are so eagerly waiting by the soul of the garage engineer …

As a donor of body usually the front-wheel car is taken, so as not to lose energy due to friction in the cardan spiders and hypoid rear axle.

Try to find the easier car, ideally to 600-700 kg, although it is not always possible – most cars are excessively heavy in terms of electric construction.

Golf-s of first and second generations, Daihatsu Mira and similar small cars are popular. Racing qualities are tried to increase due to the special tires – the so-called “green”: narrow, and allow a pressure of 2.7 atmospheres and to eliminate losses in the rubber deformation.